Limbs do not follow the spine deformer

Hello! I am building a character in version 14, and when I attach the limbs (that also have deformers) via kinematic output to the spine, the arms still break off and don’t follow the body correctly. I attached a screenshot of what I am seeing. It happens to every turn in the turn around as well. Am I connecting something incorrectly? Should I delete the limbs and re build them?


I think you actually have to detach the child element from the parent, edit its deformation, and re- attach to the deformed/ rigged parent. At least, that’s what I saw in a video from Frank Summers. I think it’s this one:

Hope this helps!

Which version of Harmony 14 are you using?

If Premium please show the node view.

If Advanced or Essentials please show the layer view opened up to expose the sub-levels.

you simple add kinematic output so the limbs will follow on the spine.