Lightbox not working

Hi there,

I’m using Toon Boom Animate Pro 2. I imported a short video sequence onto the timeline that I’d like to draw over, but I’m having trouble making it low opacity. I tried turning on the lightbox tool in the drawing area, but it’s not making the layer transparent. I tried messing with the wash and lightbox settings in the preferences, but that didn’t do anything either. I’m not sure what to do.

Hi larkinheather,

When you import the video onto a layer, are you also creating a new layer on which to draw? Also are you in camera view or drawing view as this can make a difference on how tools behave.

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Hi Jason,

Yes, I’m also making a new layer in which to draw and I’ve drawn on it. I’ve tried in both the camera and the drawing views.

Hi, a quick and simple solution then would be to use the ‘Transparency’ Module. Not sure how familiar you are with modules etc, so sorry if sounds like preaching…

In network view drag the Transparency module to the window, alt drag it in between the drawing ( video element) and the composite, default i think is 50% transparency but double clicking can change that to something like 80%.

In camera mode that should then hopefully give you want you want ?

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Hey Jason,

So I actually did try that. I tried using a transparency module on layer with the video frames but nothing happened. Not in camera view or even in the render! The same module worked for a different drawing layer though.



i uploaded this quick video to show the steps i would use, thought it may help spot anything you may / may not be doing, not sure if it will help or not but thought it would be easier to show the steps that worked rather than guess what didn’t… If you did the same thing and still have a problem, then may be a bug, i dunno, perhaps an email to ToonBoom support.

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Thanks so much for making a video! Unfortunately, I did everything you did and it’s still not transparent. But it was very helpful to see that it’s working on your version. I’ll write to Support and see what they say. Thank you so much for troubleshooting with me!


Hope you get it resolved, sorry I couldn’t help more, good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks again Jason for your help. I submitted a ticket through Toon Boom and I just finished a remote session with them.

Resetting my preferences files seemed to do the trick! :slight_smile: Now transparency on the video is working, just like in your video. Just thought I’d share in case it comes up for someone else.



I am having similar problems and am still working through the steps above, but nothing is seeming to make a difference.

I imported video, 80% opacity, turned on LightTable, and have tried viewing in drawing and camera view. Even though the drawings over the video appear when I look at them frame by frame, they are not there when I try to play the view nor after export. The drawing is above the video, and… well… I’ll keep trying…

Both static and light table are enabled in preferences…

Maybe I’m confused about camera/drawing view or what type of import I should be doing. I don’t see, yet, much difference in the views as they don’t seem to affect drawings…

However, if anyone has further suggestions on this type of issue, please let me know!

Thanks !! :slight_smile:

Instructional video kindly noted above does not seem available to me. I will try some “resetting” of preferences now; although I am happy for the success found above, I’m afraid to say that “resetting preferences” does not appear to have its own button, cue… so, I’ll see what can be done. thanks ~