lightbox level

hi - when drawing on a layer using the lightbox the line work should show up as though on the top level rather than drawing underneath .
Eg putting a clean line over a rough background layer . its difficult to see when there may be several characters layers above this . I have to keep moving layers to the top to draw them then replace them back in position once i’ve finished drawing .
( it used to do this in old 1.5 but has now been lost as a feature )

hi lilley - sorry for the very long delay.
Lightbox used to make the level selected appear as though it was the top level for drawing . Ie your black line appeared black when you drew even if you were putting marks down that were actually behind drawings in other layers that were above the layer you were on .

As I said before I have to move the layer to the top in order that I get a clean black line then move the layer back to its original position .


I had the team check with the 1.5 version of Storyboard Pro, and there did not exist any Current Layer on Top function. There is a function like this in Animate Pro/Harmony, but not in Storyboard Pro. There should have been no change in this since the previous version of Storyboard Pro.

Can you confirm exactly what it is that you used to do?