light table "stuck"

animate 2, mac pro 10.5.8

i have enabled the light table, and in the view menu there is a check mark next to it. if i quit animate and then relaunch, i am able to toggle the light table on and off. however, if i advance the playhead in the timeline at all, the light table option becomes greyed out, still on, and i am unable to disable it until i quit again, even using keyboard shortcut. is there a reason that i am unable to toggle light table once i move the playhead?

i’m actually finding it isn’t just limited to a single project or just to advancing the timeline. i also lose the ability to toggle the light table feature if i just change to another layer or access the menu bar. is this isolated to my machine, anyone else reproducing this?

an update…

if i have the drawing window open, i am able to select a drawing and toggle the light table feature. it appears that this is the requirement (?)

The light table is a feature of the drawing view. It allows the drawing view to simulate working with paper. When you turn the light table on, you will be able to see other layers. With it off, you only see the current layer.

The camera view will always display all visible layers, and so the lighttable becomes greyed out when the camera view is active, because it is not a function of the camera view.

Toon Boom Support

it does seem that the camera view tends to “inherit” some of the functions of the light table behavior, but i may be mistaken. i’ll respond with more specifics if i detect a pattern to this, but i will certainly make a note of your response. thanks!