Light Table problem


I have little problems with my new version on Mac; not huge ones, but still:

1- The LightTable doesn’t work, whatever box is toggled, in preferences or not (and that would be useful to get it!)

2- It’s impossible to untoggle the “no space in the name” box when exporting TGA series. It’s a problem for uses in other softwares.

Am I the only one? Do you have any clues to solve that?

Hi there,

Can I ask you what sofware you are using? I don’t remember this export option in Toon Boom Studio.



It’s Toonboom Studio 6.0, on Mac 10.6.5.

The box is in the TGA export sub-menu: “insert a space before the number”.
I have to erase them afterwards, when this option would make it at once.

And what about the lighttable problem? It doesn’t work when I import a file (photo) I want to work on it (for instance). Neither when I draw over other layers. And that would be so useful!



Hi Fabrice,

For the light table issue, make sure you are in the Drawing view, as the light table will not work in the Camera view. And make sure the elements you want to see are enabled. It would be helpful to open the documentation to the following sections for info on the Light table: pages 211 for the Auto Light Table, 212 for the Static Light Table, and page 67 for drawing in the Camera view vs. the Drawing view.

As far as the TGA setting, I am able to uncheck this box here on my Mac. Is it just when you have the TGA format selected? If yes, try going to another format, and uncheck the box there, then switch back to TGA.

If these solutions do not solve the problems, you should contact with your issues. They’ll be happy to help you.

I hope this helps,



At last I found out the icon to click on to activate the lighttable. The small one, top right (silly me!)

As for the exports settings, neither in the TGA nor in the other formats the “no space” box is uncheckable.


The easiest way to access the Auto-light table is to use keyboard short cut “L”.
Learning and using short cut keys is well worth the time.

As to the TGA export. That box un-checks and checks just fine on my Mac. I’m on version OSX 10.6.7

Be sure that you are clicking your mouse in the appropriate corner. I often find that with the new Apple mouses that because they don’t have buttons that it is easy to click the mouse in the wrong spot and it appears that the software is not working but it is really that the mouse is mis-interpreting your click. -JK


To add to this, I have seen issues where certain options would be grey until something else was selected first. This could be such an issue.

Your best bet would be to contact as they will be able to investigate this problem further.


P.S. Glad to hear you found the light table :wink: