Light flickering from a television effect?

Can anyone suggest how to create the effect of light flickering from a television? I’m already using the Illuminating Effects template to create the flickering noise but would like to add the light as well.


I’ve done this effect a couple of times for my animations. I created a drawing layer and made a rectangle the size of the width of the TV. It was pretty narrow as it just showed a slight bit coming from the screen. The TV was a flat screen type and in the scene you saw it from the back facing the character who was on a sofa. I put the light flicker layer below it in the timeline so it would be behind it in z space.

I filled the rectangle with a white gradient fill going from 255 to 0 on the Alpha channel. The 255 was closest to the TV with the 0 at the edge of the rectangle. I then made two more exposures by duplicating my first frame. I adjusted the gradient on the two new exposures using Edit Gradient/Texture tool. Then I made a cycle of the 3 frames–1, 2, 3–and repeated it. Each exposure was for one frame. I also added a Radial Blur to the layer to soften the edges a bit.

It worked pretty well and I was happy with the results.

@Lilly-Thanks for the response. I tried it and it works great!
@Zeb-thanks for your detailed reply. You just made my film look infinitely better!

I’m not sure which template you’re referring to, but if it were me, I’d probably go about it by adding a Blending effect module, and attaching this to a layer filled with the colour that’s on the TV. Then to get the flickering effect, you can attach these to a transparency and animate the transparency over time.

There are many ways to do it, but that’s what I think would work well.