Light Blue doesn't exist anymore?

Hello ToonBoom Harmony’s team,

I’m a student at Condé school in France and we discovered a problem in the sofware which happens on every computers at school. It happens that the light blue/cyan color doesn’t work anymore.

I hope the issue is something dumb that we missed and you’ll be able to answer us quickly but the fact that every computers at school has the same issue make my think it might be the software himself.

You’ll see with the different screenshots i took exactly what i mean. I also took a cyan google image and imported it on ToonBoom, everything come out grey… And the colors using cyan are altered also. Exporting or using the render view doesn’t fix the problem neither.

I hope i’ll be hearing from you soon, thank you for your attention.

What Version/build of Harmony are you on? You can find out under Help and About in the Main Menu. Your colours are not right in both of your screen shots? If anything you can also contact support for help.