licensing is a PITA

your stupid f****** licensing piece of shit is pissing me off. new computer and it won’t activate.

fix your s*** and give me the fix, this blows and needs to be addressed in how you mange your SW licensing.

i make software for a living too and i know you don’t have to F the customer to protect your IP.

Contact support to assist. The -1 error is happening mostly on Macs
and is due to aggressive security restrictions. Often Apple has
quarrantined all or part of the application when you see this
error (at the very least, the licensing part of it).

so i figured out on the old computer that i had to turn off mac security to all apps to run from Anywhere and then i could return the licenses to the server using your utility.

however after doing so i still cannot activate on the new computer.

ERROR -1: an error occurred. try again fails.