LicenseWizard Missing

There is no LicenseWizard in my StoryboardPro/Tools folder. I downloaded the trial, then decided to buy. No link or useful info in any email or “LicenseWizard” search on the Toonboom site.

Is there some other way I am supposed to enter my key?

Any insight?


Mostly correct. The “trial versions” that keep working are called PLEs (Animate and Animate Pro). The ones that are time-based are called demo version (Storyboard and TBS).

Also the PLE versions have their own format and are not compatible with the full version software. The demo versions projects are compatible with the full version of the software - you can continue the demo project when you get the actual software.

Both the PLE’s and non-PLE’s are referred to as trial versions. The word “demo” does not appear anywhere in their descriptions.

I said projects created with the PLE’s could not be opened with the purchased license software.

Two other details omitted are the 30-panel limit in the Storyboard Pro trial and all trials are limited to non-commercial use but the watermark pretty much discourages it anyway.

Hopefully we’ve covered it all. :wink:

I read this in o0Ampy0o’s reply above and thanked him for the info days ago. This is an easy thing to make clear on ToonBoom’s side if they tweaked the purchase interface.

This choice of words will confuse people. The difference is that this is not the typical trial version software unlocked by inserting a purchased activation code. The PLE software remains a PLE. When you purchase the software you receive an activation code for a link to download the software. Once you purchase the software you are upgraded to at least a .1 version. Since their initial release the software has received a degree of updating. Details are published in the x.1(+) Release Notes. I don’t know whether they update the PLE’s every time they update the non-PLE. I suspect it depends on the issue. However, the PLE/Trial versions are identical in every other facet except there is a watermark, the Studio and Storyboard PLE’s are time-limited and eventually expire (Animate 3 and Animate Pro 3 PLE’s do not expire) and you cannot open files created with the PLE’s in purchased license software.

The trial version is NOT the same as the full version. You can’t turn the trial version into the full version by “unlocking” features. Instead you need to download the full version from the “My Downloads” section of your member’s profile.

Your Toon Boom Account has a Profile. There is an arrowhead pointing down next to a torso/head icon in the header bar of this forum webpage. The arrow is a drop-down menu. Once at your Profile page you will have a menu of items to select:


You will eventually, if not immediately, have active download links.

Thanks. I see the download link. I’ll assume that there is some difference between the trial I downloaded (missing “LicenseWizard”) and the download currently underway.