LicenseWizard in OSX

I want to uninstall the copy of Storyboard Pro on my Mac so I can install it on a Windows machine. The first time I tried to open LicenseWizared on my Mac to return the license, a security warning popped up. I went into security settings and gave permission to run the software. Now when I try to open it, it does nothing. I need it to run so I can transfer the license to my other computer…

Can someone help me transfer my license? Thank you!

If you’re on Sierra there is no method to “give permission” to the
License Wizard short of using a terminal command to bring back
the “From Anywhere” setting for “Allow applications downloaded from”

Try uninstalling the software by dragging it’s folder to the trash and
then emptying the trash.

  1. Open a terminal Window from Applications/Utilities and run the
    command: sudo spctl --master-disable
    in the Terminal application
  2. Go into the System Preferences and from there to “Security & Privacy”,
    on the General tab set “Allow Applications downloaded from:” to “Anywhere”.
  3. Download the installer (if you don’t have it anymore)
  4. Mount the DMG (i.e. click on the installer for the software).
  5. Drag the the icon of the software to the icon of the Applications folder.
  6. Start the software by right-clicking and selecting Open.

The license software we use is also used by Adobe, Autodesk and many others
so I’m not sure why Apple is blocking it in the first place.