License wizards doesn't show up...

I’ve downloaded the trial version of Toon Boom essentials, but I can’t run it because the license wizard doesn’t show up! what to do?? I can’t get past this step:

I have not upgraded to Harmony 12 so I don’t have experience with it but I have used other Toon Boom trials. This may not work the same way and it has been a while since I installed it. Are you sure you did not bypass the option to run the trial? That screen looks like you chose to purchase the software.

Use the search function of your computer to locate the License Wizard.

Also try clicking on the text that says “License Activation Tutorial”

You first need to install the software and then launch Stage. If it doesn’t see a license then the License Wizard should appear.

The only license manager I can find is the one for Studio 7, even though I have downloaded and aid for Harmony. After running the executable, the steps it provides to activate the license are invalid. Any thoughts?