License Renewal Troubleshooting help

I currently have Harmony 15, the latest update. I will start up Harmony, and it will say “The License Wizard could not renew your Harmony Advanced Desktop Subscription.” AFTER hitting OK i am given two options. To “Try Harmony Advanced” or to “Activate Now”. i select “activate a license” and then i get a pop up that says “THERE IS NO LICENSE FOR HARMONY ADVANCED IN YOUR ACCOUNT”. at this point when i click ok i can only select Return license. ive done this before, about a few days ago and it worked but i don’t want this to keep happening. how can i prevent this?

UPDATE: when i try to select Return License i am given a pop up that says "there was a problem returning the product license. an error occured, please contact (-1). so now i can’t even return the license and renew it because of this error.