License/product key is the wrong format

Trying to install again, but the license key required is completely different in size to the one in my downloads page of my account.

The license requires a 20 digit xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format
The license in my account is 18 xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx format

Can someone please tell me where the proper license/product code is displayed please?
I cannot use the software without it.
The license I bought was a full storyboard pro 4 license, but the 18 digit code starts with upg and says upgrade underneath it. No idea why that is.


The UPG code is an UPGRADE code, you use the License Wizard’s Upgrade option.

Activate License
Internet Activation
Upgrade License

It’s all explained in the email your received containing this UPG code.