License Problem with Harmony.

Whenever I start up Harmony, I get a message from the License Wizard saying that it can’t renew my Harmony subscription. Which is strange considering that according to my bank transaction history, my subscription was renewed on January 30th. And I have used Harmony since then. I have tried pressing the “Activate now” button. But when I sign in to my account, it tells me that there is no license in my account. Has anyone else had this problem? Also here is a picture of the message.


No experience with this TB subscription system but I do have experience with auto-payments…

Have you checked your payment method information?

For instance, has a credit card expired or has the balance maxed out or is something reserving a portion of available credit rendering your card maxed out?

Hello jakalknife,

Have you upgraded your computer recently?
Do you have a license already activated on this computer, meaning that if you go to “Activate Now”>“Manage Licenses”>“Manage Local Licenses” you see a license in the window that opens?

If you do see something, you may want to try to return said license and try to reactivate it.

I have this issue on my annual subscription. It happened after uninstalling harmony. It show’s that the license is installed but I cant get through activation.