License Management

I recently purchased a 27in iMac, which I am utterly in love with, but I also still use a Macbook Pro when I go to school, meaning I will be shifting between machines a couple times a week. How do I go about floating licenses between the two? I know there is a license manager which allows me to “return” a license, which works, but if I forget to return a license from my iMac and run out the door with my Macbook Pro, is there a way via license manager that I can just deactivate the iMac’s license and place it on my Macbook Pro? If not, I suppose I could attempt to remotely access my iMac, though it is a bit involved.

Also, when switching between machines, is it necessary to type/paste the product code every time or is there an easier way that I am missing? I would love to just keep Animate on the iMac, but I must also work on animations in class.

I have license from Maya, Adobe and so on and they all allow for a 2 computerset up. Adobe will tell you to deactivate if you try and go over that number. Only TB amongst all my high end apps has this issue.

There is however a bigger problem than just forgetting to switch. IF your licensed computer has a malfunction, corrupts the activation, the Flexware locks you out of your license. IF this happens over a weekend well then you are out of luck, end of game so to speak. You cannot activate any computer on a single license.

I understand TB has to protect itself but I was also told by Harmony support that there is a 5 with limit for every 2 days too. So this means you could be in deep trouble…over a holiday or weekend.

I’ve been a customer for many years and I admit only recently has this license issue impeded my ability to work. BUT now work has quite seriously been interrupted and this will be the 2nd week of Tech support requests made doubly difficult by a corrupted license key.

There’s no way to have a floating license that’s not on a connected network (i.e. both computers would always have to be accessing the same network server). If you’re on two separate machines, you do have to use the license return system. There’s no way through FlexLM of returning the license from a machine that you’re not currently logged into.

The best way to do it is to keep a copy of the key that you can just copy and paste on both machines (or in your email) but you do have to remember to return the license before you leave.