license key?

Hello,When I press add to cart in toonboom storyboard pro support, a product validation windows appears asking me to enter the storyboard license key… mhmm, how can I display or get the license key? the keydongle is turned on, and I opened the story board and I couldnt find an option to display the license…I checked in the cd rom too but I couldnt find it…thanks a lotAlbeto

Insert the Toon Boom Storyboard Pro CD into your CD drive. An auto-run screen appears from which you can launch the installation program. If the auto-run feature of your CD drive does not start automatically, browse the contents of the CD and double-click setup.exe to run the installation program.2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.3. Installing the HASP USB hardware key (dongle) Once you have followed the instructions and installed Storyboard and the HASP USB hardware key driver, plug the dongle into your computer’s USB port. The dongle should light up to show you that it is installed and functioning correctly.

I reinstalled the software and the HASP USB key is turned on,then I go to: the tab of "my products:"in the row of toonboom storyboard proin the support column I press: buyI selected support for one year,then appears in"Please enter your toonboom Storyboard license key"validate, validated keys(0/5) (that number is growing 0/2,0/3)how can I get the correct storyboard license key?thanks a lotAlberto

Hi Alberto,You should contact sales directly concerning this. You can reach them at sales@toonboom.comThey will take the order manually.Best regards,Ugo

thanks ;D