License disappeared harmony premium

Hello everyone I’m having a big problem with the harmony premium license, I have contacted support but still have not received an answer. I’m an Italian student (so sorry for my english) my teacher bought to me and all my colleagues the license for harmony premium but yesterday afternoon when I open the program that I had closed for a few minutes I check this message ‘‘unable to find a valide license for this application, the license activation wizard will be launched automatcally’’ but when i opened the local license manager for repaire the file i see that there was not license, it is completely disappeared, i don’t know what to do, like i say before i personallay didn’t bought this program so i don’t have any produce code and also my teacher can’t find the paper with all our licence, i post to you a jpg with all the information that i found about this problem on my computer, please somebody help me i have to fish my final project and now i can’t work

I have a perpetual license however I suspect it is similar in that the schools/teachers(?) Toon Boom account area will have links to files for downloading with corresponding codes for all purchases.

Hmm. Your teacher purchased the license for you and your students? Not the school? And now he cannot find the license information? Perhaps I am being overly paranoid, but that sounds a bit suspect to me.

Are you absolutely certain you and your fellow students are working with an officially licensed version, or might it be a hacked one?

I can relate. I was opting to update from harmony 12 to 14 on Saturday via my silver support recently and it seems that my License has gone missing also. That or for some reason it’s just not detecting it. I have submitted a ticket and I’m still waiting for support to get back to me.

BTW, have you figured out what was going on yet and did you happen to fix your problem?

If so, I’d appriciate it if you could help me out.

Hi ianE,

I can see your upgrade code in your account. Did you try it out already and if so, what is the error you are getting?

Here are the instructions to upgrade using the UPG code:

If you have the Harmony build, you will probably want to return your license first.

Let me know how I can assist you.


Ciao Spiciux,

Could you please tell me which school you are attending. The license information is probably with their account.

Thank you,


Ciao Spiciux,

Support has replied to your two tickets last week and are waiting for your reply to help you out.

Did you succeed to sort the issue out?

Thank you!