License Activation limit Exceeded

I have TBS 8.1 and Harmony essentials (purchased not subscription). I’m a hobbyist and still prefer to use TBS which I’ve had for several years now. I have the software installed on a windows 7 machine and recently I had issues where I had to completely re-install Windows 7. At the same time I added an additional hard drive to the system and installed windows 10. and I now have a dual boot system working perfectly. I also purchased a new tablet and installed TBS on this as well during this period.

I tried to reinstall TBS and Harmony on my Desktop and got the License-Activation-Limit-Exceeded error message! I cannot use the software ( I paid for) on any of the platforms (i.e. neither WIN 10 nor WIN-7)!

I keep trying to contact TBS but they have never responded.

Is this the new world now for TBS or is there a work around to this?

I do not know all of the error messages and their wording but going by those words it appears to be an issue of having the software activated on too many systems at the same time rather than exceeding a limit on reinstalling the software.

I do not recall the necessity of returning a license with Studio. I thought it was the good old fashioned install and input serial number then be good to go over and over and over.

You really need support to assist you with a license that could not be returned the proper way before having to reinstall it.

Who knows what Toon Boom is up to though?

Are you aware of the need to “return the license” each time you boot up the other system on your dual boot computer? (That is only if you have the software installed on both).