licence activation error 7288

I do not have Storyboard Pro activated on two computers, my old computer’s processor chip died, so I installed my old hard drive into another laptop and now Storyboard Pro gives me;

Error 7288: License activation limit exceeded
This error happens when you are trying to activate your Product Code but you have already activated it on another computer.
Solution: You cannot activate the software on more than two computers. :smiley: >:(

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hey…iam facing the same problem …i down loaded toon boom on my old pc…and days ago i formatted it…recently my mother board crashed and i dont use the pc any more and i have a laptop…i tried to download toonboom on it but i got this message 7288: License activation limit exceeded‏, when i was activating it…i sent a message to toon boom support and solution team and also to technicians but i received nothing from them…so is there a way to wipe out the license from the old hard disk which has no toon boom on it in the first place…plz help as soon as u can

So if you can’t remove your license from your old machine, then there’s no way that we know that your machine is gone. But if you write in to they can help you out further.


They should respond to you within 24 hours, M-F. Did they get back to you yet? They’re the only ones with the ability to help you with this.