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Getting information into the library from the timeline is getting to be a crapshoot … most of the time, I will highlight a non-pegged (if I try to copy a peg with elements attached, I generally just get the peg and no elements below it whether the peg is collapsed or not) element in the timeline, drag it over into a catalog beneath the global library and nine times out of ten I only get the first entry in the element - I have no idea why the rest of the entries in the element are not being moved also … is there something that needs to be set in 3.5 (had the same issue in 3.0, though sporadic) or is there some method I should be using to copy from one file to another… or is this something that is just a bug in TB? thanks, dan

You may want to be “very” descriptive of exactly what you are doing so that we can help you determine why you are having such difficulties. I move content to and from the library as well as between libraries all the time and have not had any issues, so I don’t think your issue is a “bug” but rather something that you are doing.

What you select to move, how you select it, and where you drag from - to, can all come into play in terms of what content is moved. So as you try to describe your process don’t leave out “any” details of what you did “exactly” and what your “results” were. We all will try to help you figure this out. Also please don’t perform any tests using projects which came from your previously crashed system as they have proven to be suspect in the recent past. (I think you are the poor soul who had to move from a crashed system to a new computer, if not then this doesn’t apply to your issue)-JK

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Thanks for the quick reply - essentially, whenever I need to move elements (the majority of the time they are drawing elements) from my current drawing to the library for future use, I open the timeline and library. In the library, I open the global, and either open an existing category beneath global or create and rename a new one. I then go to the Timeline, highlight the element I want and drag it to the opened category … the little box beneath the arrow indicates to me that the element is being copied. - sometimes I get the circle with the ‘x’ through it - which I don’t understand why since it is just a drawing element … s
When I open a new drawing file, I open the timeline and library and reverse the process - from the global to the timeline … sometimes I drag it right to the exposure sheet and get whatever the library template is holding …sometimes I get the entire element of cells, a lot of times I get only the first cell. I looked at the details of the template and see that it appears to contain a lot of storage bytes - would be nice if there was an indicator to let us know how many cells are in the template as template size doesn’t tell me a lot (unless there is something I can use to convert the size to a cell count or use to determine an approx count by way of some mathematical formula )…
All in all, I figure I am just performing a simple process. Please let me know if there is some other method I should be using or should be aware of … thanks, I appreciate your assistance …dan

Hi Dan,

One thing you could try is to create a new template and has soon has it is created right click on it and do edit template. There you will see exactly what you have put inside your template. To go out of the edit template mode you will need to right click in the library again.

The issue here is most likely related to what you have selected to start with. If you click on the name of the element in the timeline it will select the whole element length. If you selected from the timeline itself you will get the range of frame you had selected (along with keyframe). If you wanted the drawing themselves you would need to select them from the Exposure Sheet.

Hope this will be helpful to you.

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OK, first thing about library templates is there is a preview window for looking at the selected template. It is located in the upper left hand corner of your library panel. If it is not fully expanded , then you just need to click and drag the bottom corner of the preview window to expand it to its full size. Then click on a template to cause that template to be displayed in the preview window. Along the bottom of the window you will see a slider with tick marks for the included frames. You can drag that slider to view each frame in sequence. This is similar to the slider under the cell swapping preview window on the properties panel. If you have multiple frames in your template they will be displayed as tick marks on this slider.

Next, only use dragging from the timeline for situations where you want to move multiple cells from multiple elements into a single template. If you are just moving individual elements or individual cells to your library there are easier ways. For a single cell you can drag that cell from the exposure sheet to the library of your choice. For multiple cells from a single element you can select and drag a range of cells from the exposure sheet, or you can drag individual cells from the element in your animation catalog in your library to any other catalog in your library. Every cell in your animation project is directly available in an element catalog in a scene catalog of your animation catalog. Set your library to view thumbnails so the cells are easy to identify. Then drag a cell from the library template display frame into the desired catalog in your catalog navigation frame. You can also just select a cell and press control (command) +C to copy the cell and then select the destination library and use control (command)+ V to paste the cell as a template. But drag and drop is faster and easer with some practice.

If you want to copy an entire element from your current animation project without keyframes, then go to that elements catalog in your animation catalog select the element in the catalog list and use control+C to copy the element as a template, then go to the desired destination library location, global for example, and click in the template frame for the destination catalog location and use control+V to copy the element in as a template. If you want keyframes included you would not do it this way you would drag the element from the timeline to the library catalog of your choice instead.