Are the Templates in The Clip Art section already "Cut Outs"
When I import the Templates into Camera or Drawing View
I find that when I drag the image only parts of the image moves. How can I overcome this problem.

Also on the Timeline can anybody identify what the various Symbols on the far left of the Timeline mean.

Yours P Dowdall


I haven’t really used the built in Clip Art, but it sounds like you might be trying to use the “Der Der” character. Der Der has a hierarchical peg setup, sort of a skeleton using pegs. If this is the case then you should look at the “Cut out” tutorial. This goes in depth on using cutouts and Der Der.

I’m not sure what Symbols your asking about. If it’s the buttons like the little eyes etc. then to find out the name of the button use "Help / What’s this…"

If your talking about the little symbols next to the name of the element, each one stands for either a drawing, image, peg, camera or media. When you create a new document you’ll see 3 elements in the timeline: Drawing, Peg and Camera. If you look at the symbol next to each of these names that’s the symbol for each of those types of elements.

I don’t know if that answers your questions but hopefully I got close.

Thank You iJava Joe for your help. I now also realise that the Clip Art templates are broken into Sections. I also realise that I can move the entire Image by “select all”.
and relate the parts to each on a Parent Child relationship

Cheers P Dowdall