Library-unclear on the concept

First off, I recently upgraded from 4.0 to 5.0 and I am very positively impressed. It’s more stable, compiles quicker, uploading to Youtube is a snap, and it’s easier to use.
Anyway, my question on the library. I would imagine it should work like this: you create a character, store it in the library, and then when you use it later you might add a hand or a facial expression, then you save that to the library, and slowly you build up a bunch of components for the character. But thats not the way it’s working for me. When I save a character to the library I highlite the timeline of that character and then store it in the global library. The thing is, if I don’t use a hand, or an expression, or a phoneme in that timeline it does not get stored to the library. Also I’ve got like 10 different Hubby_Side(1) … Hubby_Side(10) and I’ve got to look through all of them to find the particular drawing I am looking for.
Any ideas on how to use the library better?

Please, check out some of “JK’s” excellent articles:;action=display;threadid=2631
(Using Libraries in Toon Boom Studio)