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I am wondering why the thumbnails for images I have made into templates (drawn in STBPro) are a generic doodle of a triangle, circle, square? Why can’t I see a thumbnail of the what the image actually contains? The thumbnails are accurate for images I have imported into the library but not one’s I have created in STBPro.

Right-click in your library and in the contextual menu select View > Thumbnails. Do you see thumbnails now? If not, try going Generate Thumbnails. Do you still have a problem? If you do, can you send us a screenshot? Go ahead and upload your screenshot onto a free site like photobucket and post the link here so we can take a look at it.

This is just one example. I have clicked View>Thumbnails and Generate>Thumbnails several times and it never changes.

What build number are you working on? To find this out go to Storyboard Pro > About and copy here the number that should look something like 8.6.1 (4709) .

version 8.7.0 (4772) service pack 1 (2010-01-06 16:25:42)

I’m looking into this issue here at Toon Boom and will let you know when we have a resolution.

Toon Boom Support

I’m able to do this in 8.6.1, but my question is how do I get this view to remain?
Every time I open a new doc i have to import the same icons into my library and set as open folder and view as thumbnails.
In addition, TB does not retain the names of my layers that get imported but names each the same as the doc.
Is there a way to import illustrator layer names with the illustration into the library and have them show up for every new TB storyboard I creat?

Are you using Storyboard or Storyboard Pro? What exact build number is it, so that I can verify with that version here? Is it 8.6.1 (4709)?

Let me break this down into a few questions.

1. When you import illustrator files the layer names are not preserved.

This is normal. When you import an illustrator file, it will name the layer the same name as the illustrator file. The layer name information is not accessible by us and so we cannot preserve this upon import.

2. When you create a new storyboard, you are not seeing the same list of libraries that you opened in a previous scene.

This is not normal. When I create a new scene, I see the same list of libraries that I had open the last time I was working on a scene. Can you verify that this is the problem you’re having? It may be that your preference file is not being saved for some reason. What operating system are you running?

3. Thumbnails are not being generated automatically

Have you activated the preference for this? Edit > Preferences > General tab, “Generate Library Thumbnails Automatically”

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