library of differents projects

hello guys, im starting to use TBA2 (still have the PLE version, but i will buy the software soon)

i notice that to work in a complex projetc, with many BGs and characters, we use more than one project, isnt it?

i started the firs project and i created Symbols in the Library
and then, i started the second project but i can acess the library of the last project

any ideas of how a i do that?



check out my work in progress!

you need to put them in the global section of it to use them in other projects.

The scene one is seperate so you don’t clog up the global one. You will need to right click and choose right to modify to put it in the global section.

thanks for the information you two

and lilly, i didnt knew the user’s guide!

its awesome, wheneaver a doubt come, ill seek ther before ask

im still reading the template whole thing and trying to use

thank you again


You can also watch the tutorial videos that are released every 2 weeks on the How-To page.

Good luck!!


the templates works perfectly fine!

thanks a lot!

Symbols are local to the current project only, whereas what you want to do is create templates, not symbols. As TheRaider said, you can put them in your Global library by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Right to Modify. Check out the Templates section in the User Guide, accessible through your help menu.