Library import prob fbx

SBPRO 4.2 Mac el capitan .
Trying to import a 3d .fbx model in to library ( first time I’ve done this )
As far as I am aware I am supposed to right click in the library window / import files / select the .fbx file and its should import . I get nothing . I have an empty panel selected switched to 3D.

Any help appreciated.

Did the 3d model get imported to the library?
Are you able to drag it from there to the desired panel?

No couldn’t see anything added to the library.

Make sure there are no spaces or special symbols in the name of the
file or in any folder name in the path of the project or the location you
are importing the fbx file from.

If that doesn’t help to resolve the problem, contact support and provide
a copy of the fbx file for them to check.