Library Folders Question

Hi,Another quick question for Storyboard 1.5 (standard), this one about the Library feature: I know that the Local folder stores elements within the current project folder, and that the Templates folder stores elements in a shared folder, but what’s the difference between the Templates and Global folders? I couldn’t find any reference to the Global folder in the docs. Based on what it’s called, it sounds like it serves the same function as the Templates folder.Sorry for all these questions but when it comes to my personal projects, I’m a bit of an organizational nut. Thanks in advance for any info. :)G.

Hi Lilly,So from what I’m seeing: Templates is a shared folder for all users, Global is a shared folder for the current system user, and Local is specific to a given storyboard project.Cool! Okay, thanks. That does clear up this mystery. :)G.

If you just hover your mouse over the folder icon in the library, it will pop up the location of the folder where you are saving it.

Hope this helps!