Library files

Wondering if this is a bug and if not would like to make it a wish in the next version. Right now certain types of files cannot be selected and/or manipulated once brought into a panel from the library. The biggest problem is with SBPro’s own files. Once it is added to the library and you try to bring it onto another panel you can not select or manipulate the file. Kind of seems to negate the library idea. Same happens to AI files. Digital Pro files work just fine. I am using verison 1.5 build 4490

Hi,Actually pretty much everything that you import from the library is considered to be a video and is packaged in consequence. This being said you can turn them back into editable elements by right clicking anywhere on the drawing surface while having the layer that is locked selected and use the Convert Template to Drawing.Be aware that if there was any animation in that template it will be turned into a flat image.Regards,Ugo

Ahh…thank you. Would be nice in future releases to allow that to be a user preference setting. ie it would automatically do that when the setting is turned on.