Library Fail

Hi Guys,

So if there is one element of ToonBoom Harmony 14 Premium that I really struggle to master…it’s the library. I’ve found tutorials for Harmony 12, but they still somehow seem to be simpler than Harmony 14 (or at least not working on my mac?). I need to put elements into the library to use in other scenes, but everything i try seems to fail. I think I need to somehow add the elements to a global library? But i’m not entirely sure on how to do that. I’ve tried dragging and dropping things into the library section, but that doesn’t work. I’ve tried opening files via the library, but that doesn’t work (for the images anyway…palettes transfer no problem).

Ideally I would like to transfer all the layers from a character instead of just individual layers at a time.

Anyone know of a good Harmony 14 tutorial I can go off of?