Library Basics

I am creating an animation drawing by drawing. I’d like to create a torso for a Frog character, and add the appropriate arm and leg positions as I add frames. I thought I could create a frame with the torso and then retrieve it whenever I needed it. A topic about Library recommends saving the “torso” frame to the global library for later use. How do I do that.

After reading the scant descriptions of the library and how it’s used I am still unable to use it. Can someone explain the following process: create image, store in library, retrieve image from library.

Library Basics 101

There are two main types of libraries (1) Local and (2) Global.

Local libraries are confined for usage within the project where they were created.

Global libraries are available in all projects.

Libraries are subdivided into catalogs (sub-libraries)

Libraries contain templates.

A template can contain as little as a single cell drawing or a much as an entire scene. Templates can be pulled from a library by dragging the desired template from the Library panel to the timeline panel.

When a template is used in the timeline it is a unique copy of the source library template. Changes made to that timeline copy have no effect on the original source template.

Templates in a library can be edited inside the library, but those edit changes are not reflected in previous copies made from the edited template only future copies made from that template.

To create a template you select the desired assets in the timeline and drag and drop that selection to the desired library catalog (local, global etc).

You can select a single cell or a sequence of cells or an entire element or a group of elements as the source of your template.

To select an entire element it is best to select the timeline track label for that element and drag and drop it to your desired library.

To select multiple elements to use as the source for a template, you first want to attach all of the desired elements to a peg element which acts as a folder to hold the other elements. You collapse the top level peg (the folder) and then select that collapsed timeline track label and drag and drop it into your desired library. all the elements and hierarchal relationships attached to that peg element will be placed inside the template that results. So this approach is good for making templates of cut out characters and it also is good for making templates of entire scenes.

Those are the basics -JK

Thanks again. I really appreciate this info. My project has grown as I refine and refine my images. Sometimes my drawing is absolutely perfect and why not save it for later use. Right? You’ve helped me be as good as I can be. Thanks.