Library and Templates

I’ve just started my first big project and need some helps using the Library properly. Right now I have my first character complete (drawings, mouths, bones) and want to save it as a template I can reuse at a later time in different scenes. I did save it into the Global Library but the first time I did this when I retrieved it in a different scene it also retrieved his movement and lip sync from the previous scene. I went back and deleted everything (movement, lip sync) from the first scene and re-saved it but when I pulled it back up it was empty.

How do I save templates (characters specifically) properly where my mouth shapes and bones are still usable in the next scene.

Not that I’m a professional or anything, but I THINK this might help.

What I think you want to create is your character set up in a ‘default’ position (or ‘position one’ if you’ve ever done any acting) so whenever you reuse him, he starts off the exactly same way every time and then you tweak according to the scene you’re in. What I would do (I don’t know if it’s right) is I would create a scene and set him up in that scene where everything is at ‘position one’. He’s just standing there. And then, in frames 1, 2, 3, etc., I’d have the different mouth positions on the ‘mouth’ layer. Also any expression changes, eyes blinking, ears up, down, etc. in the different frames. Then you do your library steps - create a new peg, make all your layers a child of that peg, then click and drag the peg layer into the global library. Right then, I would rename the .tbt file ‘Character Default’ or ‘Position One’ or something like that. (I’d either delete the set up scene immediately, to avoid confusion, or save it as it’s own project and then archive it in case everything goes down the tubes.) Then, every time I pulled the ‘Position One’ file from the library, he’d start off exactly the same, with all the little bits and pieces where they should be, completely unaffected by how he was used in other scenes.

This would also work if you want to reuse any major cycles, like a specific run, walk, gallop, etc.

Hopefully JK will read this and let us know if this is right or not! He’s my favorite tech board guy!


Thanks for the kind words. I always try to do my best to help other users. I really don’t have anything to add here as your explanation covers a solid approach to saving a base character, -JK

Thanks for the fast replies. I think I have this figured out now.