Library and organization

Hi, I’m new to Animate. I’ve used Studio for over a year and even though I’d love for that experience to catapult me into using Animate, I’m hitting a few learning curves. Most I’ve figured out, but, this one is a big one. I’ve tried hitting up all the resources I could, but I’m lost.

With Studio, as you add and draw cells, they would be under the “Animation” section of the library split up into each scene for you to clean up redundant or unused cells or rearrange the order. With Animate, I see Symbols, Animate Library, and Templates. Animate Library is always empty, and I understand that the symbols area is meant for building and storing things manually.

My problem is that no matter how many cells and drawings I delete from the timeline and Xsheet, the cell-swap section (or “drawing substitution”) gets swamped with unused cells. One bad example is when I created a test symbol, put that into the library, then library into the scene, deleted it from the timeline. In fact, cleared the entire timeline, then tried to delete the symbol from the library and a box came up saying it was being referenced elsewhere still. It was also on the screen still in an onion-skin sort of way.

If anyone could point me towards some reference material, I would appreciate it.

EDIT: The thing with the symbol not being able to be deleted had something to do with a new “Top” icon with a house picture in the camera view. I clicked a symbol next to it and everything I thought I removed from the timeline reappeared. That shouldn’t be a problem to look up and learn about, but the other thing with the unorganizable cells, still brews.

the symbols are being used only in the same project, the animation library is system wide, i.e. you can reuse the parts (.tbl) in all your projects.

you should read in the users guide about differences between a symbol and a drawing cell, since symbols are a big enhancement in animate compared with studio.