Lengthen Keyframe Sequence

In Flash, you can select a range of motion keyframes and lengthen that sequence while also lengthening the distance between keyframes in order to stretch and slow down an animation.

In other words, if you have a section containing keyframes at frames 0, 10, and 20, you can select them and extend the sequence so that the keyframes are moved to (for example) 0, 25, and 50.

I don’t remember what this feature is called, unfortunately. Anywho-- can the same thing be accomplished in Animate? I’ve been manually dragging keyframes, and if there are more than just a few to adjust it can become very tedious.

EDIT: I just checked in Flash, and when you hover your mouse pointer over the edge of a span of frames that are motion tweened, you get a double-headed arrow that you can use to stretch the selected area out, while also increasing the distance between each key frame (effectively lengthening the animation as well as slowing it down).


As far as I know, “stretching a motion”, is not possible with Animate 2…
(don’t know about Animate Pro or Harmony ?)

It’s a longtime feature in Toon Boom Studio…

“In the Timeline view, move the pointer to the edge of the peg element’s motion block and drag it right or left to increase or decrease the length of the motion.”

“Stretching a peg moves all of the keyframes proportionally.”


This is a feature request that we have logged, but we have not yet implemented this functionality.


Do anyone know if this feature is available in Harmony 14.