Hi guys. i’m still fresh into my second week with the program and am just looking for some help to keep me rolling. When i make several layers i want to see how they lay on top of one another. a tutorial i am watching told me to click on the camera and i should see all the layers on top of each other in plain sight. when i click on the camera i don’t see anything. can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong? thanks.

I believe what you are being told is to switch to camera view, this can be done one of two ways. 1. Go to the menu and select WINDOW>CAMERA VIEW this will switch your main window pane from drawing view to camera view. 2. Or you can click on the little movie camera icon on the upper top right of your main window pane and that will switch that pane from drawing view to camera view.

Camera view is for viewing a composite of each frame as well as doing scene planning and animating work. But you can also view multiple layers at the same time in drawing view by toggling on the auto light table (keyboard short cut “L”). This will allow you to view multiple layers so that you can draw over other drawings. -JK

Much obliged JK YaBB God. It works how i expected it to. thanks.