I am trying to create an animtion of a person sitting at the table and drawing on a cintique. Without having to redraw the whole background every single frame, can you direct me in the right direction, in terms of layer priority wuth the character and the desk. Thanks!

Top > down I suppose it would be like this:

Character arms
Character body

You might want to separate the legs so that they can be static or moving just occasionally instead of drawing them every time you need to animate the upper body. If the arms have to go under the table you’ll have to deal with that. They can be on their own layer only when over the table and drawn in the body’s layer when they move under the table or they can be always on their own layer and you’d change the height/Z position of the layers when necessary (but that would mean assigning different Z value to different elements).

Luis Canau

Thank you. I was wondering if you can create kinematic bodies from drawings and prioritize those layers separately. Kinematic bodies are needed for motion tweens. Because if all possible, it would be nice if I can draw my character all on one layer and work from there. If not, I’ll just put the arms on separate layer.