Layers won’t connect to composite

Hi, I’m making a character rig and encountered a problem

I’ve made a few new composites because my main one was getting too cluttered. I had done this earlier with the hair and had no problems, but this time nothing is connecting to the new composite. I’ve tried making new composites and also copy pasting old ones, same problem.

Also not sure if I’ve reached a max on the current composite, or if this is related to the other problem at all, but every time I try to attach something to the old composite it disconnects something else

EDIT : I shut Harmony down and re-opened it, which seems to have fixed the situation for now. Would still like to know what I did to cause the problem, so I can avoid doing it in the future, if anyone knows

Sounds like harmony being harmony to be honest. Sometimes it does weird stuff that get fixed with a restart. On my own personal computer sometimes the camera “locks up” and I can’t pan the view in node view or camera view. I can zoom, but not pan… gets fixed with a restart though. That’s the best explanation I have.