Layers visible in network, not in timeline?

Spent some time animating a group of layers, seemed to work, but now the whole group seems to have disappeared from the timeline. That is, the layers are visible in the network, while they are not accessible or visible anywhere else. Any clue what is going on here?

Check that you have Display module connected at the bottom of your network because I think your display in Scene>Default Display> is set to Display. Maybe you were working before in Display All which allows you to see all the layers in the Timeline, connected or not.

I personally recommend not to work with Display All but rather choose a specific display. At first you think it’s easier in Display All but you will end up with extra layers in the Timeline sometimes. Whereas choosing a specific display makes it clear. What is in the Timeline is only the modules that connect to a final display.

I checked this: a Display module is connected, and I’m using it.

Hum! The only thing I can think of is that you don’t have cables connecting all the way from the image layer/modules inside the group > out> connect to composite > Display.

Can you post a screengrab of your network?

Problem solved. The layers that had disappeared were located inside a group that was temporarily disconnected. The group network is still accessible, and the nodes corresponding to the disappeared layers are properly wired inside their group network. The group and its contents are not visible in the timeline, which is the correct behaviour.