Layers Pinned to Camera Become Transparent Whenever They're Selected

My layer is set to 100% opacity, but when I pin it to the camera it becomes transparent
When I have the BG selected it shows up, but when I select the layer itself it becomes transparent

(Please note that it still says the layer is at 100% opacity, but in the viewport it shows up as transparent)

When I click off it, it goes back to being opaque. It makes it harder to read text and harder, if not impossible, to see what I’m drawing while the layer is active, and I remember this wasn’t an issue in earlier versions of SBP.

Is there a setting I don’t know about or is this a bug?

I’m using Storyboard Pro Version 21.1.0 and this issue happens on both my Windows 11 running Nvidia G Force RTX 3060 Ti graphics card, and my M2 Macbook Air running Ventura

i have the same problem, not sure why it does this/ i never did before