Layers opacity

??? Hey all, I am doing an anime-ish animation where i have shadows on the characters. what i do is draw the picture with colors, and then go in and create shadows on the characters with black and change the opacity to my liking so that i can show how intense the lighting is. (and it gives everything a more 3d look.

so heres the question. how do i change the opacity of a layer, is this possible to do in animate pro? I know you can change the alpha channel, but the alpha channel records every stroke and causes all the different strokes to show. or is there a better way of doing this?

the best way to do this is use tone and highlight.

I have a tutorial on my channel if your interested.

thanks Ill check into tone and highlight.

but is there still a way to change the opacity of a layer?

Yes the transparency effect (or module if you are using pro), I have tutorials on that too :smiley: They are the most recent ones on how to add effects, transparency is the one i used as an example.

Exactly what TheRaider said. Check out the Tone and Highlight modules, either through his tutorials or through the Documentation. :slight_smile: