Layers not working right

One of my layers is displaying above all the other layers, despite being placed below them. Not only that, but the trouble layer won’t move around as it is supposed to. It just stays on the bottom of the listing when I try to move it. I’m still not so great at the more technical parts of Animate yes so any advice on what I might be doing wrong would be very much appreciated, thank you.

It could be a problem with the node order. Check the node view and make sure that the layer is connected to the composite with a blue line. If you check it and the layer isn’t connected to the composite with a little blue line, you can connect it and the layers will move correctly again. Worked for me

unfortunately I only have toon boom essentials, but I am having the same problem. is there another fix that might be along the lines of that for ppl who can’t access the node view?