Layers not re-opening in toon boom file

Hi, I was working on some inbetweens, with the keys timed out on one layer, rough tweens on a second layer, cleaned up tweens on a third and some faffing about on the fourth. Anyway, I saved it multiple times before I closed it, and today when I reopened the document, it had one single layer, the frames had all turned purple (The little boxes that represent frames in the timeline had turned purple).

The remaining layer had my cleaned up tweens on it, but the timeline had changed from multiple held frames (2-3 frames each) to a sequence of frames (each 3 frame hold is now 3 separate frames). My other layers are still in the elements folder, and I’m able to reopen them, but everything needs to be readjusted, retimed and aligned again. I wondering if I made some mistake that caused this, or is this some bug I need to be aware of in the future? Can I fix it?


I’m running Toonboom Animate Pro on an i7 iMac with 16 gigs of memory and the Lion OS

From your description, it sounds to me like you may have been working in a symbol. If you double-click on the purple frames, does it bring you inside the symbol, and do you see the work that you had done before?

You can always select the symbol from the main timeline, and select Edit > Expand Symbol, to expand the contents of the symbol back out to the main timeline.