Layers have disappeared!

Hello all!

I’m a legally blind user trying to learn to animate. As if this weren’t hard enough already, I opened Toon Boom Harmony (10.3) just now to discover that all of my layers, (except my imported background) have disappeared from my workspace. They still exist in name only on my layers list, but won’t appear in my visual workspace. I’ve tried disabling all of them and enabling just one, but that didn’t work. I’ve tried using the “show and hide others” feature, but that also didn’t work. It’s as though everything I drew in Toon Boom itself is now invisable. Does anyone know what happened or what I did incorrectly?

If you go into the project’s folder to examine the “elements” directory -
are there any drawings in the layer folders?

Did you rename or move the project folder while it was open and being
edited in the software? Was the project folder moved anywhere without
zipping it first?

For some reason, my last message didn’t appear on the board here, so sorry it’s been a while.
It doesn’t help that I went to a gaming convention and forgot to check back in.

But the elements are listed under their appropriate names. My character’s head even has a thumbnail, but most of the rest don’t have that. I don’t know why the head is different.

Hello Applepoisoneer,

Can you please email us and provide a quick video showing the issue.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation