layers getting a bit split when moved towards sides

I realized that when you move a rigged character toward the sides of the scene the parts split up a bit.
I guess it´s depending on the Camera and that the angle from the camera gets a different angle but I hope there is a sollution to that.

Any one had the same problem and found a sollution?

/ Mattias
Harmony Adv

Try the Viewport instead of the Side-View…

Either, hold down the alt/option-key, then use the up- and down-arrows.
This will move the layer 0.001 forward or backward.
Hold down shift + alt/option. this will move the layer 0.01.

Or, use the Layer Properties Panel and type-in your desired value (z Axis).

Cant find the Viewport.

Maybe its a Harmony Premium feature and not avaible in the Advance version I have.

thanks for the info how to solve this.

/ Mattias

My apologies for the misunderstanding…
What I call “Viewport” you might call “Workspace”.
(Animating / Compositing / Hand-Drawn etc…)


Check the z-position of your body-parts and bring them closer together.
0.001 increments should be enough.

I often move the objects in z-pos by selecting in the side view and use the left and right arrow to move them but maybe one click is a big jump and really not recommended?