Layers-(duplicating or cloning?)

While adding effects I came across the two options Duplicating and Cloning,I wanted to know the difference between these two because I tried using them in various ways to find something different but to me they all fulfilled the same tasks.
I would appreciate if someone told me the difference between the two options.


Also I would like to know how do you get to focus on a layer by making the other layers transparent? because when I started In Toon Boom it automatically did it when I selected a cell but now it doesn’t so I wanted to know how to do that.



Duplicating is like a copy and paste. When you edit the duplicate the original doesn’t change. When you clone any changes you make affect the original and clone.

If your interested go to my youtube channel and choose the tips on masking tutorial and i give some examples of how this.


switch the light table on and off

Once again Thanks a lot Raider, I had a feeling it was that.

OK, I just looked at your tutorial about masking in Animate 2…when I realized it must NOT be for Animate PRO! Could you please inform how to create a simple mask in Animate PRO please? I looked at the modules and did not see a simple “mask” module. Thank you!

I’m starting to think it was a BAD idea purchasing Animate PRO as opposed to plain old Animate. Seems as though it is easier to use and much more tutorials available for plain old Animate.

It is called cutter in pro. It took me a while to find it too :slight_smile: Have a look at my eyelid tutorials. It extensivly uses the cutter using Animate Pro.

It isn’t a bad idea because you have the network view which is so powerful once you get used to it. You also have the ability to rotate planes which is awesome.

Have you watched the kickstart tutorials for pro only?

For my own tutorials I am trying to balance pro and standard. I will be doing some Pro only tutorials to take advantage of the advanced features especially in the morphing area. I love the extra tools pro has in morphing.

Ahhh I see it!! Thank you so much, I would have wasted many more hours figuring that out ha ha. I’m learning more each day!