Layers disappearing when reopening project file


I recently got a home copy of storyboard pro for late night deadlines. I’ve noticed that it randomly deletes layers here and there. It’s not a huge deal and doesn’t take long to copy/paste the layers back, but it makes me nervous that the file is getting corrupted, that it could get worse, etc.

Here’s an example of what it looks like–in the third panel in the timeline, the car layer in the foreground is blank. There are a few other disappearances in the file.

Anybody have this similar problem?

New to the forums, thanks for your help.

This could be due to the way you transferred the project. Ideally use the backup and restore features (“File” menu) of the software as this will create an SBBK backup file which is really a zipped copy of the project folder. It is easier for the O.S. and disk devices to keep up with the large number of files being copied if it is one large file rather than lots of little files.

Also make sure to only edit project from the internal hard drive of the system, avoid editing from external drives, USB sticks and folder lined to cloud storage as these will not be responsive enough to keep-up with the amount of data being manipulated.