Layers disappear exporting to Swf

Trying to learn animate I work with chapter 3 (gathering content).
When exporting to Swf two layers disappear.The chair and the TV-layers.
This doesn´t happen when exporting to Quicktime.
Is this a transparency issue or what, as it is in Quicktime? I can´t find any information about the transparency options while importing a psd file from photoshop to animate. Most annoying.
Can anyone of you skillful people out there enlighten me on the subject.

I was able to reproduce a similar problem. I imported a multi-layered psd file into Animate. I then saw that I had four drawings in a new layer, each drawing was a layer from my photoshop file. When I exported those frames, they looked the same in the quicktime movie as they did in the preview render, however when I exported to swf, only the first frame (top layer from the photoshop file) was displayed.

I passed the message on to Toon Boom’s technical staff so that they can further investigate the issue.

Thanks LillyV! It´s nice to know that I´m not the only one with this experience. I hope they can solve this problem soon. Let me know if you find out anything more.

i have the same problem, export in swf, but some layers desappear…