layers are not in the right order

Does anyone have any problems with their layers being in the wrong order?
Sometimes my drawing layers will be stuck behind another drawing layer, and I try changing the layer arrangement with alt+shift and the up and down arrows, but it doesn’t seem to want to appear in front of the other layers.

Has anyone else had this problem before? Do I need to check a check box or something?

I’m usining toon boom harmony stand alone version 10.0.1 on windows 7 hp computer.

thank you.

One way to check if the Z axis changes are being applied is opening the data view on your timeline (in the peg or drawing expand the + sign and check if the z value on Position:Path is changing). One reason z changes might seem to not work is if you have different groups and the composites are not set as “pass through”. For instance, you have legs, arms and head in their own group. All composites should be “pass through” not “as bitmap” otherwise the z change will only work inside each group. Is that the case, maybe?

Where is the option to change from pass through and bitmap? I was looking in the layer properties and couldn’t seem to find them.

It’s on the layer properties of the composite modules. Click on the yellow square on the left of the composite modules of your characters. You can select the options pass through, bitmap, etc., in ‘Mode’.