Layers appear in perspective view but not render view!

Hey guys!
I’m stumped on a problem, I’ve set up a 3D environment with multiple layers in a scene, but some layers won’t appear in camera view?
I’ve attached the perspective view and camera view images to give you an idea. The bus stops/bins and street lights within the group of layers won’t appear.

The sooner i can get a response the better!


Would help seeing your Timeline View with layers expanded.

This looks serious, did they contact you privately to fix it?

Did you try setting the composite node to 3D Flat?

It could be due to the focal length of the camera (FOV)
adjusting the positioning of the elements.

Hey! I just edited the original post and attached a screenshot called ‘Timeline expanded’, it’s just groups of layers within sub folders. Cheers!

Hey! Not yet, i’ve just sent off a private email.

Hey! It could be, i’ll look into that and give it a shot!
Thanks :slight_smile: