Layers and Effects not obeying

Hi, sometimes when I add a drawing layer or an effect, this layer will appear on the bottom of the timeline instead of where I wanted it to appear, but that’s not the annoying part… Sometimes it just won’t move out of that spot, I try dragging the layer multiple times and it just keeps on going to the bottom part on the timeline. This has happened to me some times, yet somehow it just finally obeys. I’m currently adding a Quadmap and trying to place it on the Shadow layer but well, keeps staying on the bottom.

The file has indeed many layers, don’t know if this may be a part of the problem.
Toon Boom Animate on Mac Lion

Yes, I’m aware, but that’s not the issue; it is just that sometimes the software starts acting weird:
1- I create a layer/effect/etc
2- The layer will NOT be created over the layer I was working in, it will instead be created on the bottom of the timeline, in my case, beneath the camera layer.
3- I try dragging this newly created layer up.
4- Upon releasing, the layer will not obey the drag and will appear once again on the bottom of the camera layers

So, this happens sometimes, mostly when I’m handling a file with many layers. I just keep dragging the layer/effect until, somehow, it does obey the drag. Just wanted to know if there is a way to avoid this.


I understand what you are trying to say; but that is not the issue. The thing is that the file may have been getting more and more unstable; we’re working on a 3500 frame file, done with frame by frame, large filesize photoshop backgrounds, highlights, tones, shadow, quadmap effects and so on.

So, I’ve noticed how to fix this issue anyways; if I have a drawing layer, select it and add the quadmap, it will indeed go to the bottom of the timeline and won’t ever leave that spot. The only way to avoid it is having the drawing layer where I want the quadmap to be NOT on the root; so this is the fix:
1- Have your drawing layer
2- Add a shadow effect
3- Make the drawing layer a child for the shadow effect
4- Select the child drawing and press add quadmap
5- The quadmap now appears between the shadow effect and the drawing layer.
6- Issue fixed.

So I’m guessing this is more of an issue due to the large quantity of layers in the file; usually pressing save took less than a second to complete, now it does take a couple of seconds to save.

It won’t connect things in ways that it’s not allowed to connect them. You can connect a shadow layer as a child of a Quadmap layer, but not the other way around I think.


The thing about Animate is that the Timeline is simulating what’s happening in the Network View (which you don’t have access to in Animate).

When you don’t have any layers selected, if you create a new layer, it should add it at the bottom (which sticks it to the bottom of your Composite module in Animate Pro).

When you add an effect layer, it should be added above your drawing layers, but not automatically connected. You need to drag and drop the layer in.

Just now, I had my Shadow layer selected, then I added a Quadmap. The Quadmap was then added at the same level the Shadow layer (i.e. a sibling, but unconnected). So I need to drag the Shadow layer onto the Quadmap.

I’ve been trying to reproduce problems with drag and drop and I can’t seem to get them here myself. Do you notice this with a particular file, or just in general?

There are some cases where you can’t reorder them the way you want to in the Timeline. For example, an unconnected Quadmap will always appear below drawing layers. So if you try to drag the Quadmap above a drawing layer, it won’t work. You need to first make the drawing layer a child of the Quadmap. It’s because of what the connections are actually doing under the hood, you’re trying to make a connection that doesn’t make sense. In the case of the Quadmap, the Quadmap is like a peg layer, and it can’t be connected directly into the composite.

What a Peg or a Quadmap do is they control the position of the drawing layers. The order in the timeline indicates the order of the Composite - but things like Pegs and Quadmaps which can’t actually be connected directly to the composite just show up beneath everything, because in effect they’re floating nodes until they’re connected to a drawing layer. Only drawing layers themselves can be connected to a Composite.

Hope this helps.