Layers and Cutter Tool Help Request

Hey all, I’m running Animate 2 on Snow Leopard with a Cintiq and I had a couple of questions for things that I think would help my workflow.

Firstly, is there anyway to treat a single frame like a layer and hide it? Sometimes I want to turn off an individual drawing and I can’t seem to figure out how to do that.

I’m also curious if there is anyway to map the cutter tool to the eraser. I never really use the eraser in the program but I always use the cutter for cleaning up overshot lines.

If anyone knows if it is possible to do these two things I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks!!

I am not sure for the hiding layer but if you want to not tow show the layer in Camera (or Drawing) view, turn off the layer from Time Line. If the layer is bitmap or filled with color that you need to trace it over but not to be shown on top layer due to layer order in Time line, you can turn on ‘current drawing on top’ feature on Camera view by clicking Camera icon bottom-left side of Camera view windows.
As for the cutter and eraser, the good feature of Animate 2 is temporary shortcut.
For example, if you press Alt + E, it switch to Eraser. If you press Alt + T, it switches to cutter tool. However, if you press and hold E or T, it temporary switch to corresponding tool until you release the key. For example, I have Brush tool (ex, Alt + B) is selected currently. Now, if I want to use erase tool, I can flip the pen or press Easer tool or shortcut (Alt + E). Or I can do followings. leave my current tool as brush. Then Brush shows on the bottom of Camera windows. Now, I press and hold E, then, the tool temporary switched to Eraser (see red Eraser on the bottom of camera tool). And then release E key and then press and hold T to switch it to cutter tool temporary. This will let you access to many tools temporary without changing it. All the shortcuts above are based on default shortcut of Toon Boom Animate from Preferences>Shortcuts. Hope this helps.