Layers and character poses

Hi, I am making a character with a front, 3 quarter, side and back views. I have used the cut out method and placed all the body parts on to separate layers. My question is there a way of managing the layers separately for each different view. e.g in the front view the arms layer is above the body layer but in the back view I need them to be behind the body layer. Is there anyway of achieving this or do you need to create a different layer all together? In which case would this affect the rigging process?


Thanks Lily for the reply, I have had a brief look, I am currently working my way through the tutorials and just came a bit stuck on this… How do you add z-depth to a keyframe? ???

It’s ok I managed to figure it out and it is just what I was after! :slight_smile: Thanks!

You can just put a keyframe in z-depth to control the front-back position. Have you had a chance to check out the Toon Boom tutorials on rigging?